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Bird Nest Removal


Birds in the wrong location, in particular pigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance for you. It’s not just the mess they make; they can also damage your premises by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering and affect your reputation. There are other problems that mean you should adopt bird control measures sooner rather than later. Our qualified specialists provide fast, effective, humane, discreet and targeted bird control solutions to protect you. Get in touch today if you need assistance in removing bird nests.

Why Choose Marsdens Chimney Sweep

Choosing the right Chimney Sweep is very important for the workmanship and safety of the job at hand being done. We have years of experience to ensure you're 100% satisfied.

  • Efficient Project Coordination - We coordinate the project from start to finish to meet working schedule and colaborate with other contractors
  • Exclusive Quality Guarantee - We are fully licensed and insured and we provide a 2 year warranty on our installation and repair work
  • Free On-site Estimate - We offer a no obligation on-site estimate with a demonstration of the samples that we carry

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If you're looking for a Chimney Sweep solution, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'd love to help you out.